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We understand the struggle detox presents an individual. This is why we try to anticipate our patient's needs by offering a comfortable, quiet atmosphere where they can rest. Nurses and techs monitor our patients, ensure they are eating and staying hydrated, provide medications as necessary, and offer encouragement and support.



All meals are included. Breakfast is self-serve in our homelike kitchen that is stocked with a large variety of beverages and groceries. Lunch and Dinner are both catered. We will accommodate any special dietary needs our patients have. 



Daily check in with our Clinical Director to touch base, assess progress, and discuss discharge planning. If planning to enter residential treatment following detox, our Clinical Director will be happy to coordinate care with your treatment center.


Daily meetings with a provider to discuss medications and current treatment. 


12-Step Meeting: Part of our mission is to help our patients find hope and strength. Connection to the recovery community is important for anyone in sobriety. For those that are just beginning their journey, healing can begin through listening and learning from those that are a little farther along the same path. Staff will accompany medically stable patients if they would like to attend an area 12-Step meeting.

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