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Admission interviews are performed over the phone. During the admission interview, our admission director will speak with the prospective patient and/or the patient's family members to gather basic demographic information, identify drug of choice and history of use, and collect a brief medical history including current medications. This information will then be reviewed by our Admissions Director for approval. 

Once a patient is admitted, a member of our team will contact the patient and/or family member in order to make preparations for arrival and check-in. Check-in dates vary based on the patient's readiness, location, and our availability.

We are here to help on the road to recovery, if you or a loved one would benefit from our services please call us at (801)-899-2460.


Upon arrival, a member of our staff will greet the patient, assist them with check-in, and help them get settled in their room. Detox can be a difficult step in the recovery process and allowing oneself to disconnect from the stressors of life promotes healing. As such, at check-in we will have the patient place their cell phone and other valuables into a safe for the duration of their stay.

One of our nurses will perform a comprehensive assessment with the patient to gather information about current substance use, addiction patterns, and previous treatment. This assessment will also include questions about medical history and current prescribed medications. Our nurse will work with a provider (a physician, Nurse Practitioner, or Physician Assistant) to develop a custom treatment plan. A safe detox is our goal, and as such, all of our treatment plans generally include medications to minimize the likelihood of complications and to make the process more comfortable. All patients will have daily contact with a provider to discuss medications and further treatment goals.

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